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Accurate Tool Manufacturers, Inc., located in Longwood, Florida has been providing machine shop services since 1989. We serve customers in the automotive, medical, defense, aerospace, entertainment, commercial, and electronics industries. We have been a prime vendor for the Department of Defense since 2001.

Our goal is to combine excellent quality and precision, timely delivery, and good customer service with competitive prices that may result in satisfied customers. Throughout the years we have seen customers consistently returning with more jobs for us to do. We provide personal services and consultations, helping our customers to complete their jobs according to specifications and needs. Call us at 407-332-5225 or e-mail us with your requests or inquiries.


Wire EDM – Cutting any electrical conductor material with Electrically Discharge Machine for high precision and clean/smooth finishing. We have three EDM machines.
Laser marking – With a laser machine we can mark as little or as many parts as the customer wants. It’s a quick, accurate, permanent, and clean system for different metals and plastics. Techniques include annealing, anodized, deep engraving, ablation, and etching. Marking includes text/numbers, bar codes, logos, serializing, military marking, 2D data matrix, and others.